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The current ongoing process is to go to a radiologist with the printed film by taking his/her schedule time. In many rural areas, there are no radiologists thats why you have to wait for their visit in your area/near area which makes delay of reporting. By taking our advanced technology, you can save your time and get quick reports in no time.


For ensuring quality report, we have organized our reporting panel with the top radiologists who are experienced and caring to provide the quality report. Besides, our QC team monitors reports completed by radiologists & always in touch with hospital and radiologists to gain the best output by solving all issues.


For any kind of issues, we are here to provide you the best support both in technical and software fields. For report related issues (Report sending, Patient positioning, Dr. choosing etc), our QC team will assist you. Any kind of problems related with the software, our IT team is ready for giving you instant solution.

MediRad believes that technical innovation is just the beginning only.  Strong relationships with clients & understanding their requirements are our top priority, and we back our technology with best-in-class service to ensure that you are getting the most out of your solution. Incorporating over experiences in radiology platform, understanding both patient & hospital needs and focusing for the development of co-current system, we have brought our teleradiology feature.

We Provide:

  • Patient care focused teleradiology (X-ray, CT, MRI etc.)
  • Day time & night time teleradiology
  • Local and permanent placements
  • Subspecialty consultations
  • Management services

We Offer:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Affordable costing
  • Reports by selected top experienced & renowned radiologist panel
  • Reports by Indian radiologist panel
  • Reports by your own radiologist using our platform
  • Free of cost software deployment
  • Zero maintenance fee
  • 24/7 online support
  • IT & Radiology consultancy

Why Choose Us:

Patient Care Focused Teleradiology: As patient care is at the core of what we do as a teleradiology service provider, we are continually updating with the process & workflow to enable our radiologist to deliver the best patient care possible.

Quality Teleradiology Services: To maintain our quality in reporting, we have made the Quality Assurance program with multi layers of safeguards in every aspect of our operations. Quality Assurance team is the corner stone of our teleradiology service.

Affordable Costing: We are here to provide you the best quotation which reduce your regular costing in reporting.

Faster Reporting: Our teleradiology service offers you the fastest reporting performance. Now it’s time to forget for waiting for radiological reports.

Urgent/Night Time Reporting: For emergency cases, you don’t need to wait any longer. Just a single phone will make your report done instantly.

Uniformly Structured Radiology Reports: Referring physicians want clarity and consistency in the radiology reports they receive, regardless of who reads the study. Our consistent diagnostic radiology reports help referring physicians to take quick action and leads to higher-quality patient care.

Multi Reporting: For critical cases, sometimes a radiologist may become confused on giving the final report. For that type of cases, we make a board of 3-5 radiologist who complete a final report together.

User Friendly Software Interface: Our high developed software is made with user friendly easy interface. Just a one time direction is enough for a client to understand about using our platform.

Live 24/7/365 Support: Our Quality Assurance team & IT team are beside you in live 24/7/365 support. So stop worrying about what to do in any kind of unwanted/unknown problems.

Dicom Analytic Teleradiology: We do every single reports based on dicom analytic teleradiology. The most updated dicom with 3D viewer is avaliable only with us.

Second Opinion: Misdiagnoses are common in radiology field and this may lead to serious risk if someone has been misdiagnosed with a critical condition. Often this happens for the lack of understanding the image properly (for the lack of correct positioning/opacity/clinical history/previous films/viewer).Second Opinion is necessary on that time to make a correct decission which may save a life.

Conclusion- The Right Partner For The Difference: When looking for a teleradiology provider, select a partner who can deliver the essentials for long-term success, including the highest level of patient care. By expanding your “partner check list,” you can ensure you are working alongside an organization with the right scale and scope to make you an indispensable partner to your key stakeholders: the patients, physicians and hospital administrators who will demand excellence from your overall imaging solution.





Meet Some of Our Radiologists

Prof. Dr. M. I. Mondal

Prof. Dr. M. I. Mondal

X-Ray Specialist

BSMMU, Dhaka

Prof. Dr. Mohitosh Ranjan Das

Prof. Dr. Mohitosh Ranjan Das

X-ray Specialist

Northeast Medical College, Sylhet

Dr. Hussain Ahmed Fuad

Dr. Hussain Ahmed Fuad

CT MRI Specialist

Asst. Professor
Lab Aid Diagnostic, Dhaka.

Dr. Rehana Akter

Dr. Rehana Akter

CT MRI Specialist

Asst. Professor
Popular Diagnostic, Jessore

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